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Turn your event into a complete masterpiece with the best audio visual installations in the industry. LIV Technical is an audio visual production company that offers comprehensive event production services.

LIV Technical is an experienced team that can handle audio visual installations for all event types including conferences, seminars, corporate parties, weddings and private events.

Our Approach To AV Installations

Tips on audio visual installation

No matter the project size, we use the same systematic installation procedure for every project to ensure accuracy in preparation, operation, and maintenance. With technology, our focus is three fold: cutting-edge, quality and lasting. Employees should have the ability to use business audio visual equipment with ease. With our audio visual equipment technicians we ensure that all audio visual equipment is installed with this in mind while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our team is extremely familiar with setting up audio-visual systems in a variety of settings, including schools, businesses, enterprise-level workplaces, hospitals, and more. LIV Technical is known for providing five-star service through project management, engineering and execution.

Audio Visual Installation Process


Your LIV Technical project manager will evaluate the scope and required AV materials. They’ll then verify your project’s requirements, such as the time frame and delivery dates. Your project manager will also conduct a site survey to determine exactly how the process will go.

      In this phase of the project we discuss your wish list, equipment needs, and budget. We take note of any audio visual installation requirements followed by suggestions on what we think would best suit your needs.


      At this stage your project team will be assembled. This typically includes an engineer, a programmer, a lead installer, a commissioner, and other specialists as needed. Materials are obtained and our purchase department works to ensure that everything arrives prior to the commencement of any work.

      Quality Assurance & Implementation

      After all equipment arrives, the strategy is put into action at our QA facility in Culver City, CA. This is a completely controlled environment where our team can build and test equipment and materials before delivering them to your desired location. This process ensures that everything that will be utilized is fully operational.

      Once the quality assessment is finished, your project team will install and program all audio-visual equipment. The commissioner will then do comprehensive testing to ensure that everything works in tandem with your objectives.

      Project Completion

      After completion, your equipment is ready for use! Your project manager will collect all documentation from each project phase and check for accuracy and any field changes.

      You will also go through training with our technicians to ensure that you and your staff are comfortable and confident with the new technologies. After project completion, we stay in touch and offer post-installation support services.

          Audio Visual Solutions

          Audio Visual Needs

          LED Video Walls

          Add zest to your home or business with exciting photographs and interactive features; install one panel or many. LED Video Walls provide excellent visual graphics and allow you to play video clips, movies, advertisements and displays. LED walls are typically used for indoor installations such as corporate lobbies, restaurants, retail stores and bathrooms. LED panels vary in size and aspect ratio to fit any need or arrangement.

          Video Conferencing Technology

          A high-quality video and sound system are the backbones of most AV installations. Your technology should be capable of delivering a high quality, clear and efficient message. We’ll provide you with the best options for speakers, cameras, digital displays, microphones, and more. Create a space suited for long and productive conferences.

          Digital Signage

          Use innovative display methods to convey a variety of messages. We offer digital signage solutions for networked and standalone systems. Our team has the tools and expertise to design and install an attractive media display. From small flat screens to large format video walls, we’ll provide the right solution for you.

          Sound Absorption and Masking

          Reduce noise and distractions while also protecting speech privacy and improving office comfort. Sound masking and absorption systems deliver a better working environment. Our team will design and install sound masking for your office space and provide acoustic products that reduce noise, improve comfort and protect speech privacy.

          Bottom Line

          Finding an experienced and reliable audio visual installation company can save you time and money. If you’re looking at upgrading or create a new AV infrastructure please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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