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Do you need help choosing flooring for your event? With over ten years of expertise, LIV Technical is a locally owned professional event flooring business in the Los Angeles area that can meet all your flooring requirements efficiently and on budget.

We work with a variety of clients to help them create the perfect atmosphere and ambience for their event.

LED Dance Floor Tiles

dance floor

We’ve yet to witness an occasion that can do without one of our eye catching LED floor tiles. Whether it may be a private gathering or a large public event, an LED floor is a perfect way to add color to your event. 

From hotel ballrooms, private homes, to outdoor concerts we can customize your LED dance floor to match the space and theme of any type of event. 

Our Large Selection of Flooring

LIV Technical flooring is sturdy, weatherproof, and requires minimal maintenance. It can endure typical ground variation in backyards, parks, and fairgrounds while also being installed over surfaces such as grass, sand, and asphalt.

With a large selection of finishing like tile, wood, and vinyl, you can find the right one for you at LIV Technical. Speak with one of the specialists, so we can find out which floor best suits your event.

Ready for All Weather Conditions

Good for all weather conditions

Whether your event takes place indoor or outdoor, our event flooring is suitable for any condition. With many events being held outdoors in Southern California, LIV Technical is the preferred provider of event flooring in the greater Los Angeles area. 

From basic functional carpeting, to premium, elegant materials we provide a wide range of flooring for every type of event and location.


Being the leading event flooring provider in Los Angeles, we are here to create a stress free behind the scenes experience for you so you can focus on your guests.

Allow LIV Technical to find the perfect flooring solution for your venue.


The manufacturer’s limited warranty gives you peace of mind while you’re dancing the night away. Cleaning is also easily done because the floors can be wiped clean. They’re lightweight too, so if you need to take them apart to check the pieces you can do so.

Cleaning Process

In most cases, the cleaning process is swift and easy, but sometimes, kids’ parties get out of hand, so there might be a mark that you cannot get rid of. Just ask for some more information about the event flooring before installation. Investigate what you need to be prepared for and what to look out for. That way, you are more prepared for the next event.

Don’t Worry About Your Particular Needs, There’s a Floor for You in the Portable Rental Flooring Industry

Dance floor options

Portable flooring is handy because it can go anywhere. One of the most popular places to put your floor is on grass as tent flooring. These floor tiles create the best dance floors for everyone to enjoy their night.


You want to make sure that you have stadium turf protection. These event flooring tiles are made for that situation. Protect the turf, so you do not have to replace it in the future. You can also place this flooring on the sand, dirt, gravel, and more.

Different Flooring Options for You

All events are different, so your flooring should be as well. Yes, standing, walking, jumping, and dancing can all take place on your floor, but if there are any pictures taken, then you want to make sure the flooring is perfect for your event.

Grab a vinyl flooring if that is what suits your party. Maybe tiles are the way to go for the weddings that you’re planning. A more natural look with wood could be what you need for those tough demands. It makes no difference on what your reasoning is, there is likely a flooring type for you, and it is easily portable. Whether it is going in tents, outside, or somewhere completely obscure, there is one that’s going to work just fine.

Floor options

Temporary Flooring Removal

Now, you have your flooring in the right location, and you’ve checked that everything is right. Still, you may be wondering about removing modular tent flooring once the event is done.


The thought of tools pops into your mind. What tools do you need? Why didn’t you know this sooner? Do not worry, because you don’t need any tools. That’s right, the removal of event flooring is quick and painless with us. This system was created so that the stress of removing the tiles disappears completely.

Conclusion | Hire the LIV Technical Group to Make the Most Out of Your Event!

The portable rental flooring industry has many different flooring options. If you need flooring for dance floors, kids parties, or even fashion shows, they’re available to you. No matter what ground it’s placed on. Tent flooring is extremely popular for all occasions, so watch the ground turn into the perfect floor.

LIV Technical Group is ready to take your events to the next level. As mentioned before, getting the right flooring service isn’t as straightforward as it may seem since not all companies do a great job. Still, our team is ready to give you everything you need for attending any situation requiring proper flooring.

We don’t stop until you have the right flooring for your event in Los Angeles, so if you have any ideas to materialize, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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