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Stage rentals are convenient and applicable for all kinds of events. LIV Technical offers a number of stage systems to fit any need, scenario, or structure. Our stage rentals can be used for a wide range of purposes including weddings, parties, conferences, corporate events, speeches, fundraisers and more. The staging needed will depend upon your specific goals and venue.

LIV Technical is located in Los Angeles and offers stage rentals as part of its audio visual production services. We help determine what size stage is needed depending on the specific requirements for your event. Your stage rental will arrive promptly, including drop-off, installation, disassembly and pickup.

Stage Rental Options

event stage rentals

The size of your stage will depend on room size and purpose of the stage. 

Your stage should also be large enough for the activities being performed. For example, an indoor stage needs to have plenty of space around it for safety purposes. We can help you determine your stage size based on the audience and room size. Let’s learn more about picking the right stage rental:

Room Size

It’s important to know your room size before you consider the stage rental. This means how deep and wide an area is so that the portable stage can easily be installed. You must consider the stage size to the room ratio. That way, you don’t have a tiny stage for a large ballroom or a huge stage for a small party and a location where stairs can’t fit inside.

Generally, the 4′ x 8′ stage is a great choice because they’re small. You may even hook up multiple 4′ x 8′ stages together so that it makes it larger. However, if you know you need a bigger stage, it’s best to go with a larger rental instead of multiple 4′ x 8′ options.

Stage Activities

The planned activities you have for the stage depend on what stage rentals you consider. For example, the horizontal areas have to accommodate the activities that happen during the party. If you want to have dancing at the event with people on the stage, a 4′ x 8′ rental might not be enough. However, the 4′ x 8′ size might be ideal for a small band.

Your rentals stage may also need stairs to get up to it, and the sound system must also be included in the spacing. Therefore, it’s best to choose stages that are slightly bigger.

Audience Placement

Do you plan to have the audience standing the whole time or seated for most of the event? This determines the height of the stages. The most common height for a stage is 24 inches tall, and that works well for standing and seated audiences.

The other common height for a stage is 12 inches, which is great for low-hanging ceilings and for some party tents.

Once you choose the height of the stage rental, it can’t be adjusted on site. They are designed to work at one height, so it’s crucial to pick the right one.

Then, you can decide if you want stairs to rent along with the stage rental.

You may go up to 32 inches high, which is great for standing crowds. However, if that’s the height you choose for your stage, we recommend that you also rent stage rails to be safe.

Staging Checklist

Stage accessories

Stage rentals help to elevate the event. However, you need to ensure that you’ve got everything necessary to be successful.

  • Stage facade
  • Stage ramp
  • Stage stairs
  • Stage skirting (black or white)
  • Stage backdrop
  • Stage podium
  • Sound system
  • On-stage seating

Our Staging Accessories

event stage accessories

While you can rent a stage from us, we also offer all the other accessories you might need to set the event up for success. They include:

  • Stage ramps – They are essential to move heavy equipment or wheelchair-bound people. It’s often crucial for school graduations, and we can install them on either side.
  • Risers – Risers work well for runways at concerts and the like.
  • Steps – We include stage steps to make it easier to enter and exit the platform. Larger stages have a complimentary (free) unit available, but you can rent others.
  • Stage truss – This is often used to hang stage lights or signs.
  • Black skirting – Each stage we rent comes with black skirting, but you may also request white if that matches your decor better.
  • Backdrop rentals – A stage backdrop puts the focus on the presenter and is crucial for photographing the event.

Party Rentals and Applications for Stages

stage applications

There are so many ways to use a stage rental. Stages can be used for:

  • DJs to set up equipment
  • Video production setup
  • Dance parties
  • Fashion shows
  • Public addresses
  • Ribbon ceremonies
  • Live musical event

That’s not an exhaustive list, though. If you can dream about it, we have a stage that’s perfect for your needs!

Our Staging Experience

  • We offer various stage rental solutions for any industry.
  • You can get risers for a fashion show or video production event.
  • Our team can help you pick between the many stages and packages available.
  • We work hard to design the stage that meets your needs.

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Most people don’t really think about how to present an event, but it’s a good idea to think about rentals. Stage rentals make life easier and can ensure that everyone can see what’s going on during the party.

Check pricing online or contact us to talk about your party and needs. We’re here to make sure everyone has fun at your event!

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