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Liv Technical is a full-service event production company based in Los Angeles, serving the entire state of California.

Exceptional production involves expertise in event planning, design, and execution. We specialize in delivering high quality event production by handling the entire process from start to finish.

If you’re planning an event and looking for an experienced production company to make it happen, we can help.  

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  • Concerts

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What Does An Event Production Company Do?

event production company job

Event production involves the careful planning, design, and execution of every aspect of an event. When done correctly, guests and audiences are provided with a unique and unforgettable event experience.

Regardless of the scale or duration of an event, professional event production companies are typically responsible for any or all of the following:

  • Event planning
  • Event management
  • Creative event design
  • Venue selection
  • Logistics
  • Set design and management
  • Floor plans
  • Audio visual
  • Event lighting
  • Event graphics

Event Production Services

Event Planning

event planning & management

The event production process begins with defining the client’s vision, goals, objectives, and desires for the event. Once understood, we develop event production plans which are thoroughly reviewed and discussed prior to securing event staffing (if applicable) to execute the event.

Event Planning Checklist

  • Event budget and event goals
  • Event event timing/logistics
  • Event decor, event theme & event color scheme
  • Event talent (if applicable)
  • Venue selection process (including event catering/bar requirements)
  • Equipment list & event staff requirements (if applicable)
  • Event event management plan (including event timelines and event staffing needs)
  • Venue event layout & event floor plan (if applicable)
  • Equipment List and equipment requirements list
  • Event audio visual technical rider, event lighting technical rider etc. (if required)
  • Existing materials within the venue that event event designers can re -purpose to save event event production costs (if applicable)

Event Design

event design

Event design occurs immediately following the event planning phase. During the event design stage, the event production company will work to ensure event design both supports the event’s theme and meets specific event objectives. This includes various creative approaches to building the event identity, decorating live event spaces, choosing event attire, producing custom event signage, developing event color schemes , etc. Event design may also include utilizing existing materials or equipment within an event venue (if event venue allows) to minimize event costs. This process includes the creation of event timelines, floor plans, and other event production documents.

Event Design Checklist

  • Floor plan for event event venue floor
  • Event event design concept, event event identity & event event branding
  • Event color scheme
  • Event theme & event decor
  • Event event organizer’s personality/attributes (if event event hiring event event production staff)
  • Event event signage design & event event logo development
  • Event graphics design (including event invitations, event banners, event fliers etc.)

Event Execution

event execution & production

Once event design is complete and signed off by the client, event producers will work to meet event objectives and design requirements while working within the event budget.

During the execution phase, event planners and staff will execute the event production plan. This includes talent procurement, venue scouting, equipment procurement, set construction & installation, floor plan execution/revisions, and event staffing (audio visual operators, lighting technicians, event technicians, event assistants etc.).

Then there’s event equipment installation, management, and takedown, which includes audio, lighting, video / graphics, rigging, staging. and any other duties required to ensure the event planning vision is executed flawlessly.

Event Execution Checklist

  • Event event set design and construction/installation/assembly/deconstruction including any custom built or event event rented event event items
  • Any event event projector(s) + event event screen(s) setup including event event beamer alignment & event calibration         
  • Sound system setup, including speaker placement and audio calibration
  • Audio/Visual equipment checkout, preparation, and management (including any necessary A/V event event technician preparations)
  • Event event event security staff if event event required (If event event planning requires event event security)
  • Event event back-up &/or emergency technical plan development in the event of an emergency

Event Post-Production

event post production

Event post-production is the final phase of event production and occurs upon event completion. During post-production, event producers will ensure all event staff and equipment is discharged (returned to event rentals, audio/visual/lighting vendors etc.), event materials are secured or discarded, and that any special requirements or requests from the client are met.

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