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Producing a professional corporate event requires organization, attention to detail, and experience. Whether you’re encouraging creativity, celebrating success, or boosting company morale, the production of your event is an opportunity showcase your company.

Since 2010, LIV Technical has offered the highest level of corporate event production services in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Whether you’re hosting an important 50-person meeting or a massive conference with 10,000 attendees, we can deliver the unique elements you need to make an impression.

Our corporate services include: 

event design

You don’t need a long list of vendors to bring your event to fruition. We handle everything from the AV equipment and floor plan to the day-of execution.

Simply tell us your goals and budget for the event, and we’ll provide a clear plan to make it happen. With our team of experienced event managers and technical engineers, we guarantee a flawless event from start to finish.  

Corporate Event Production Services

Corporate event production doesn’t have to be difficult, but unfortunately it often is. Flawlessly executing any event, large or small, takes planning, creativity, and know-how.

Hiring one team to manage the entire event production process saves you time and money. Video, sound, lighting, LED illumination, recording of events and conferences… the list goes on. We offer a distinct approach that ensures a smooth live event from beginning to end. We’ll collaborate with you to discover what your brand and vision are all about. 

Whether you’re planning a major company meeting, a company networking event, or a celebration of corporate success, our team can make it happen.


audio equipments

Make sure your message is heard loud and clear. Ask about our wide range of audio gear and how our team of top-notch AV engineers recommend different options.

One of the most difficult things to achieve at an event is professional sound quality.

With our cutting-edge equipment, you can be sure that your guests will hear every word. Whether you’re pumping the crowd up with a song or delivering a keynote speech, our audio equipment has you covered.

Our team has experience setting up audio equipment in a range of settings. From board rooms to hospitals, to large-scale corporate offices. Based on your needs we’ll let you know if you need basic sound equipment or something a little more high-tech.


lighting for events

Lighting can make all the difference at an event, but it’s often overlooked.

We offer lighting guidance and installations to make your corporate event look great.

Some of our favorite ways to leverage lighting include:

  • Highlight a speaker by shining lights on the stage or podium to draw the audience’s focus. 
  • Create ambiance with colors, tones, and varying light intensities to set the right mood. Lighting puts your guests in the right frame of mind, emphasizes a serious message, or creates fun and excitement.

  • Project messages to reinforce your event’s message with unique lighting services like projection mapping or logo displays. Projection mapping is a 3D lighting technique that displays moving, colored lights on non-flat surfaces. You can even project your message onto buildings and landmarks to create an immersive experience.

  • Bring attention to displays by using pinspot lighting to highlight auction displays, demonstrations, and company memorabilia. 

Our high quality and affordable options cover small, medium, and large events.  This includes uplighting, LED lights, pin spots, logo lights, stage lights, and more.

Our team of experts will help you design and plan every lighting detail. Then, we take care of installation, execution, and take-down

Stage Design

stage design

Creating a stage that works with your space to make your entertainment accessible to everyone is a fundamental element of corporate event planning that’s often overlooked. From valued speakers to full-blown musical performances, a stage makes it possible for attendees to see everything. 

Our team of stage design experts will work with you and your chosen venue to determine what type of staging will work best. Together, we can figure out the stage size, set-up, and logistical details that will accommodate your planned activities and desired audience placement. 

Our custom-designed stage setups allow you to highlight the most important event components. We typically use a combination of the following: 

  • Ramps
  • Risers
  • Steps
  • Stage Truss (to hang lights, banners, or other background items)
  • Skirting 
  • Backdrops 

Whether you need a single podium to highlight your keynote speaker or plenty of space to accommodate a full stage show, LIV Technical can help. We’ll coordinate with the venue and handle the drop-off, installation, and pickup of your stage. 

Special Effects

special effects

Special effects add pizzazz to any event, and who doesn’t love a wow factor? From greeting speakers with sparklers to putting on a laser show to get things started, our team provides a variety of special effect packages you can use to amplify your message.

AV Equipment

Having the right AV equipment is crucial to putting on a top-notch event. At LIV Technical, we have a range of equipment that includes the basics as well as cutting-edge technology.

LED Video Walls

Show off photos, video clips, advertisements, and displays in a larger-than-life capacity with a video wall. Video walls provide an integrated, high-resolution visual image in any space and allow you to put your message wherever it works best. We offer video walls in various sizes and arrangements to fit everything from a door to the side of a building.

Digital Signage

Use a networked or standalone digital sign to highlight your brand name, logo, or event message. We’ll help you create standout digital signage that you can place at an entrance, exit, or scattered throughout your event space.

Video Conferencing Technology 

If you’re working on a virtual corporate event, we can help with the best in video conferencing technology. Show an off-site speaker, share a presentation with multiple sites, or allow satellite offices to log in for the event. 

Having reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing technology is a necessity. Our LIV Technical team can equip your event with speakers, cameras, mics, and everything else you need to make virtual events a success.

The Best Corporate Event Production in Los Angeles

Here at LIV Technical, we understand the unique requirements of producing a corporate event. We’ve been doing this for clients in Los Angeles and throughout California for the past decade.

Whether you’re hosting an event for 100 or 10,000 people, we can help. Planning, design, equipment, and management all handled by our experienced event production team. 

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