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Searching for the best event production company in Rancho Cucamonga? LIV Technial Integration provides the highest quality lighting, audio and video equipment rentals and installations!

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LIV Technical is a full-service Rancho Cucamonga event production company serving the entire state of California and surrounding states.

Exceptional event production involves a deeper understanding of event planning, design, and execution. We are experienced in handling the whole process from beginning to end, delivering high-quality events.

If you’re working with an organizer or event coordinator for an event and need a professional production company to make it happen, we can assist.
Please fill out the form or give us a call to discuss your needs and goals for the event regardless of the scope!

Need some help with your event? Our production experience isn’t limited to but includes:

  • Brand Activations

  • Broadcast/Video

  • Concerts

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Cultural

  • Exhibits

  • Gala & Red Carpet

  • Holiday

  • Marketing

  • Meetings and Conferences

  • Pop ups

  • Special Events

  • Trade Shows & Conventions

  • Virtual

  • Weddings

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Social Celebrations 

You can find a list of specific event production lighting, audio and video equipment we provide for our Rancho Cucamonga clients at the bottom of this page.

Best Event Production Company in Rancho Cucamonga

Event production process Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Event Production Process

Every aspect of an event’s production is planned, designed, and carried out meticulously. Audiences and guests are given a unique and unforgettable Rancho Cucamonga event experience when everything is done correctly.

Regardless of the scale or duration of an event, LIV Technical is well equipped to provide professional all of your event production needs. We are generally assisting or in charge of any or all of the following:

  • Event Planning

  • Event Management

  • Creative Event Design

  • Venue Selection

  • Logistics

  • Floor Plans

  • Set Design and Management

  • Audio Visual Rentals

  • Backline & Audio Rentals

  • Talent Rider Fulfilment

  • Event Lighting

  • Event Graphics

  • Event Video Screens & Projectors

  • Event Power

  • Event Staging & Rigging

Event Planning Rancho Cucamonga

Event Planning

The event production process starts with determining the client’s vision, goals, objectives, and expectations for the event. We generate event production plans that are fully reviewed and booked before hiring the required staff (if applicable) to organize and execute the event.


    • Event production budget and event goals
    • Event timing/logistics/location 
    • Event decor, event theme & event color scheme
    • Event talent (if applicable)
    • Venue discovery process (selected venue and parameters of the space)
    • Equipment list & event production requirements (if applicable)
    • Venue event layout & event floor plan 
    • Event audio visual technical rider, event lighting technical rider etc. (if required)
    • Existing materials within the venue that event designers can re -purpose to save event production costs (if applicable)
    • Renderings & Technical drawings of the design and build
event stage rendering Rancho Cucamonga

From Event Design To Reality

LIV Technical’s design team immediately follows the event discovery phase to visualize the event. During this stage, our event production company will work to ensure that the event design meets both the theme of the occasion and specific event goals. This entails anything from innovative ways to create the event identity, decorate live event spaces, select event attire, branding signage, and more.

Within an event location, decorations and other aspects of the event may be reused or replaced with existing materials or equipment to lower the cost. This procedure includes the production of event schedules, floor plans, and other production papers.


    • Floor plan for event venue floor
    • Event design concept, event identity & event branding
    • Event color scheme
    • Event theme & event decor
    • Event organizer’s personality/attributes (if hiring event production staff)
    • Event signage design & event logo development
    • Event graphics design (including event invitations, event banners, event fliers etc.)
Event Execution in Rancho Cucamonga

Event Execution

The event execution process is creating an event in a predetermined amount of time and within a specific budget with the goal that it fulfills its intended purposes.

During the event execution phase, we work with event planners to allow for our staff to follow the event production plan. This includes talent procurement, equipment procurement, set installation, floor plan execution/revisions, and event staffing (audio visual operators, lighting technicians, event technicians, event assistants etc.).

There’s also event equipment installation, management, and takedown, which includes audio, lighting, video/graphics, rigging, staging. and any other duties required to ensure the event planning vision is executed flawlessly.


    • Event set design and construction/installation/assembly/deconstruction including any custom built or event rented event items
    • Any event LED screens, projectors, event TVs setup including event alignment & event calibration         
    • Sound system setup, including speaker placement and audio calibration
    • Audio/Visual equipment checkout, preparation, and management (including any necessary A/V event technician preparations)
    • Event back-up &/or emergency technical plan development in the event of an emergency
Stage rentals in Rancho Cucamonga

Event Post Production

Following the conclusion of an event, the task of post-production begins. Event producers will make sure that all event personnel and equipment have been returned to event audio/visual/lighting providers, and other vendors, event materials are secured or discarded, and any special requirements or requests from the client are met. Easy repacking & quick load out times with logistics guidelines provided and QC done upon return.

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What Our Rancho Cucamonga Event Production Clients Say

5 star event production review Rancho Cucamonga

It’s always a pleasure working with this crew. Very professional and they always have the top of the line equipment. If you want the best, book LIV!

– Brandon W.

5 star event production review Rancho Cucamonga

Our company does events all over the states and LIV has managed the production from start to finish regardless of location. Victor is one of my favorite humans and an untouchable project manager. Cannot wait to keep raising the bar with LIV by our side!

– Jade R.

5 star event production review Rancho Cucamonga

Always love working with LIV. The team at LIV is super professional with the most up to date gear. Professional, organized, timely, amazing service and experience all around!

– Ardy R.

Rancho Cucamonga Lighting, Audio and Video Production Rentals

Our inventory includes cutting edge lighting, audio and video technologies. A few of our most frequently used Rancho Cucamonga production rentals are illustrated below.

Grand MA Lighting

Grand MA Lighting in Rancho Cucamonga

Max Axiom Lights

mac axiom lights for rent in Rancho Cucamonga

Astera Wireless Lights

Astera Wireless Lights in Rancho Cucamonga

Chauvet Uplights

Chauvet Freedom Pars

LED Screens

LED Screens

DiGiCo Consoles

DiGiCo Consoles in Rancho Cucamonga

Shure Wireless

rent wireless microphones in Rancho Cucamonga

DJ Backline

DJ backline rental in Rancho Cucamonga

L-Acoustics Speakers

Party speaker rentals Rancho Cucamonga


TVs and Projectors in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Event Production Service Area

Wondering if our event production, management and rentals will come to you? Liv Technical Group proudly provides event production services in every Rancho Cucamonga zip code: 91701 / 91729 / 91730 / 91737 / 91739 / 91784 / 92336

Full Service Production in Rancho Cucamonga

Across all types of Rancho Cucamonga events, our expertise and experience design principles allow you to achieve your vision. LIV Technical makes your production experience seamless by managing everything.

Our team of in-house professionals and event managers are full-service. Everything from site visits, rider advance, renderings, customized plots, sound, lighting, video design, scheduling, vendor management, labor, equipment, and more!

We adjust our workflows to serve our clients’ needs. We bring together all necessary factors under the LTI technical team which assures that everyone is on the same page.

Our goal is always to support our clients regardless of location or circumstance. A member of the LIV Technical team is ready to get involved.

We can help navigate the production process by dealing with with local Rancho Cucamonga production companies, reviewing equipment, drafting and giving input on lighting plots + sound designs and providing a single source for on site production support. We’re here to make sure our clients get the best result possible for their event. From LIV’s expertise or vendors who may not understand the high standards to for which our Rancho Cucamonga clients expect.

Contact us now to chat further and see how we can work together.

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