What is an AV System?


If you work in a modern workplace, you might have heard the terms, “AV” or an “AV system”. 

AV control systems are audio-visual systems that enable communication across various devices, including cameras and sound systems. These systems have become essential to the functioning of modern workplaces, live events, concerts, parties and more. 

An AV Control System allows a person to control an interactive space with multiple components through a single device. For example, the operator can operate a computer, video cameras, and a wireless microphone at the same time during a conference meeting with an adequate system. 

What Are the Components of an AV Control System?

what are the components of an av control system

AV systems coordinate equipment such as cameras, displays, lighting, microphones, speakers, and amplifiers. 

These control systems are specifically ideal for video conferencing. They have revolutionized how modern employees communicate in conference rooms and board meetings.


The quality of sound is critical for meetings. High-end microphones that can adapt to novel situations should be part of your AV equipment.

A quality microphone tracks the speaker so it can travel across the room and still have the ability to pick up a voice. The microphone should also filter ambient noise, such as a projector hum or background chatter.

Depending on their preferences, users may opt for cardioid or omnidirectional microphones. The cardioid microphone only picks up nearby sounds. Omnidirectional microphones catch voices coming from different directions.

Speakers and Amplifiers

speakers and amplifiers

Speakers and amplifiers work in tandem with microphones to deliver the best sound. The placement of AV sound equipment should be customized to the given room based on its acoustics and size. Your AV provider can add specifications to an individual microphone and its speaker. 

While speakers guarantee the sound is loud enough, amplifiers ensure the sound does not lose its quality with the increased volume. That is why both pieces of equipment are essential audio solutions.


Without proper lighting, video can appear dim or shadowy. Thanks to AV, you can customize video and lighting equipment to any given room and situation. Dim the lights to watch a video or brighten the lights to record a video in the same space. 

Special effects with colored filters can be manipulated through the control system or a connected tablet.

Video Displays

video displays

The video quality is important, but so is its display. At any location in the given room, users should be able to see the video. The display size and positioning will depend on the space.

Customize video displays to best fit your needs. There are several types available, including projectors, digital signage, and interactive whiteboards.

Projectors are useful if they have enough room to display images clearly and if there is not too much ambient light in the surrounding space. If sunlight will obscure the projected image, consider a digital display instead.

How Do You Use AV Control Systems?

how do you use av control systems

Now that we have discussed what an AV system is, how do you use it? 

AV control systems channel various feeds into one central location. Using a touch panel, users can control the output levels of devices on a simplified and streamlined interface

Communicate Across the World

communicate across the world

Ensure your meeting room users are on the same page with an AV control system. All content syncs easily on user devices, regardless of geographical locations or time zones. These systems are especially beneficial for remote work and to conduct meetings with overseas users.

Explore Advanced Features

Have you wanted to try new technology but feared the system would crash? AV control systems are the solution to this problem. AV equipment is built to control advanced features, such as interactive whiteboards and digital signage, without causing technology delays.

Reduce Technical Onboarding

Operating AV technology doesn’t require expert IT knowledge. This control system reduces support time with the everyday user in mind. It replaces dated technology with simple but comprehensive software that helps to reduce learning curves.

When hardware and equipment are this easy to manage, users can focus on the business at hand.

Discover Audio and Video Solutions

An effective meeting room requires a control system that guarantees users can see and hear each other. Control systems connect hardware so users can, for example, play music from a separate device and switch camera feeds.

Support Users

Meeting room users will thank AV technology for enabling fast communication between devices. The control systems are user-friendly. Users can combine audio and visual elements to best serve their unique purposes.

Upload Content

Need to upload content onto another device? Look no further. AV software allows users to effortlessly share content. Feats such as projecting a computer screen onto a video display become quick and easy.

Eliminate Unnecessary Wires

A quality AV control system provides solutions for meeting rooms cluttered with loose cables and extension cords. AV equipment minimizes the number of wires necessary to conduct a meeting, even as it performs to the same level or better than the previous system.

Move Into the Modern Era

We must face the music. The most successful companies across the world have moved to adopt paperless, tech-savvy practices in full force. As technology continues to transform and advance, businesses have had to modernize their technology to keep afloat. It remains unlikely they will abandon these new technologies, instead, it is likely that these modern-day offices will continue to advance their craft. 

So, we have learned exactly what is an AV system, and how it can help revolutionize your office space. 

The AV Control System offers a simple interface that prioritizes convenience and efficiency. Yet these systems manage to complete involved tasks, merging audio and visual components for a unified experience. AV Control Systems provide clear solutions to meetings where time is otherwise wasted when puzzling over technological issues.

With this AV asset, you will have more time to worry about more important things.

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